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Special Olympics Vermont Announces SCOTT Sports Bicycle Winner

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

In February, Special Olympics International, in partnership with SCOTT Sports and Marty Smith from ESPN announced that 15 state programs, including Special Olympics Vermont (SOVT), would be awarded a SCOTT Sports road bike to present to a deserving athlete. As SOVT has numerous deserving athletes, interested athletes completed an application to describe how Special Olympics has impacted their lives, identify specific personal fitness goals, and tell us how they would use the bike to accomplish those goals.

After reviewing over 30 applications from our incredible athletes, SOVT selected Unified Champion School athlete and Bellcate student, Dakota Orenbach, to receive the bicycle. In his application, Dakota stated that participation in Special Olympics has allowed him to make new friends and become more confident. Dakota has been dedicated to his fitness journey this past year. He has lost 50 pounds since June. He will use the bike to maintain his healthy lifestyle, and avoid costly gym memberships. He will also use it to travel to and from work.

On May 14, Dakota went to Earl’s Cyclery & Fitness in South Burlington to pick up his brand-new SCOTT Sports bicycle. Several members of the Special Olympics Vermont staff, a teacher from Bellcate School, and the team at Earl’s were there to cheer him on.

Congratulations Dakota and thank you to Marty Smith, ESPN, SCOTT Sports and Special Olympics International for this great opportunity. We would also like to give a special thanks to Earl’s Cyclery & Fitness for all of their assistance in creating the perfect bicycle for our deserving athlete!

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