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Nominate your teammate!

Annual Awards Nomination

  1. Special Olympics Vermont annual awards recognize individuals and groups within our movement that have gone above and beyond to contribute to the overall mission of the organization. Selected nominators will be contacted for additional details about the nominee’s accomplishments, challenges and commitment. Award nominations are accepted year-round, and awards are presented on an annual basis.

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  2. Rookie of the Year – A athlete who has shown skill and determination during their first year of participation

  3. Unified Partner of the Year – A unified partner that goes above and beyond the playing field to promote social inclusion and change.

  4. Most Improved Athlete of the Year – An athlete who has gained new skills and shown significant growth in their ability during training and competition

  5. Athlete Sportsmanship Award – An athlete who consistently demonstrates good sportsmanship by playing fair, respecting others and handling victory or defeat with grace and dignity

  6. Athlete of the Year – An athlete who truly represents sharing, skill, courage and joy

  7. Coach of the Year – A certified SOVT coach who has demonstrated a high degree of commitment to athletes through development and implementation of a quality sports training program

  8. Unified Champion School of the Year – A school based program that has demonstrated the concepts of and adheres to the philosophy of Unified Sports and Project UNIFY

  9. Volunteer of the Year – An individual or group (student or adult) who has demonstrated enthusiasm and dedication for SOVT through an event or program support role

  10. LETR Volunteer of the Year – A law enforcement or public safety professional who has demonstrated enthusiasm and dedication for the Law Enforcement Torch Run and has made significant impact on SOVT

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Briefly describe the nominee’s impact on and/or service to Special Olympics Vermont

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