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USA Games – Day 4

Competition continues here at the Special Olympics USA Games through the Fourth of July holiday. In a surprise overnight decision from the Games directors, Team Vermont's Unified basketball team was bumped up into Division 1 based on their performance and 4-0 record over the first two days of competition. Our players woke up thinking they had the day off but were on the court competing against Rhode Island by 9:15am!

Not knowing what division 1 play was going to feel like, Team Vermont hit the court running and quickly took a commanding 10-2 lead. Our fans in the stands saw lots of quick, tricky passing from Team Vermont and exceptional defense led by Shannon posting up under the basket. By halftime, Vermont was up 26-8. A shout out to the tough ladies on Team Vermont who are often matching up against boys and holding their own.

Spirits were high in the Alaska Airlines Arena on the University of Washington campus with Team Minnesota cheering on Vermont and Team Florida supporting Rhode Island. In the end, Team Vermont pulled out their fifth win of the tournament with a final score of 37-21. Coach Booth's play of the game was a seamless pass from Hayley to Erin (who 4'11"!) for an easy basket in the second half. Team Vermont will play their final game on Thursday morning. Stay tuned!

Vermont's swimmers both competed in the 100M today. Christopher will take home a silver medal after coming from behind in the last 25 meters. Zada, competing in the top female division, earned a bronze. Our swimmers and Coach Chad were also interviewed by MSN so we will share that footage after it airs.

Aaron and Michelle lit up the track again today. Michelle dropped an impressive 10 seconds in the 200M for a personal best time and a silver medal. In his final race of these Games, Aaron ran a third PR of the week in the 400M. Almost twenty years ago, Aaron ran a 1:15 in this event while competing in high school track. Today, after months of dedicated training (and at the age of 36!) Aaron ran a lifetime best time of 1:13.08 and placing fourth. He and Coach Selina made the decision to bump Aaron into a higher division and that extra competition paid off!

While it's 20 degrees cooler here than back home in Vermont, Team Vermont is having some downtime this afternoon to stay cool and rest. Tonight is the Fourth of July celebration in Husky Stadium which will include dinner, games, entertainment, DJ's, and dancing.

Keep checking the Special Olympics Vermont Facebook page for more photos and follow us on social media!

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