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Athlete Highlight: Taylor Terry Champions Mental Health Awareness at NAMIWalks Vermont!

Updated: Jun 11

On Saturday June 1st, Taylor Terry, an athlete from the Chittenden delegation, proudly represented SOVT at the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMIWalks Vermont, advocating for Mental Health Awareness. Taylor's participation highlights the importance of athletes engaging in meaningful causes while staying active.

Taylor’ s dedication is inspiring, and it's heartening to witness athletes like her stepping up to support vital initiatives. Let’s see what Taylor had to share about her experience. 

Tell us a little about the experience of the day!

Taylor: There were a lot of people. I'm excited because I'm not the only one that's suffering from mental illness. It was an awesome turn out for the day!

What motivated you to take part in the Walk?

Taylor: Because knowing that I'm not the only one who suffers from mental illness and that I can meet other people, and then I can tell them my story of how this makes me suffer a lot. As an advocate, I can share with people what it feels like to be left out and isolated, and knowing that there are resources, which I never knew about.

What are some things you do to care for your own mental health?

Taylor: I love listening to music, watching movies, TV shows, catching up on Japanese anime, and doing Diamond paintings.

What would you say to encourage your fellow athletes to take part in similar events/activities?

Taylor: I would say to get out into your community and help raise awareness and spread education. Do walks and events to help raise awareness, educate, and end the stigma.

Mental health is an integral aspect of Inclusive Health. Recognizing and addressing mental health concerns is essential for ensuring holistic well-being for individuals of all abilities. By promoting Mental Health Awareness through events like NAMIWalks Vermont, athletes like Taylor contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive community where everyone's mental health needs are acknowledged and valued.

Taylor's involvement serves as an important example of how athletes can make an impact by advocating for causes that resonate with them personally and benefiting the broader community in the process. We applaud Taylor and all athletes who commit to raising awareness and fostering positive change.

#InclusiveHealth Fun Fact: Even a brief 10-minute brisk walk can significantly enhance mental alertness, boost energy levels, and uplift mood. Regular physical activity, like walking, not only increases self-esteem but also reduces stress and anxiety. It's a simple yet powerful way to take care of both our physical and mental well-being.

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