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Celebrating Success: SOVT Relay Team Triumphs at the Vermont City Marathon!

Sunday, May 26 marked a momentous occasion for the SOVT relay team as they conquered the Vermont City Marathon & Relay with unwavering determination and grit. This triumph not only showcased their dedication to athletics but also embodied the spirit of promoting health, wellness, and inclusivity.

Comprised of five exceptional athletes—Maddie Honigman, Taylor Terry, Jeb Plouffe, Nicole Villemaire, and Mary Lafountain—and supported by two dedicated staff members, Alex Gilman and Lynne Graves, the team embarked on a journey that exemplified teamwork, camaraderie, and fun!

As spectators, we had the privilege of cheering them run through the city of Burlington.

Amidst the exhilarating cheers and palpable energy, it's essential to acknowledge the invaluable support of Run Vermont. Their encouragement and commitment to fostering an inclusive environment has paved the way for moments like these, where all individuals can come together and thrive.

To the SOVT relay team, your victory extends far beyond the finish line. It is an inspiration to others to pursue new goals and challenges and embrace the journey with courage, perseverance, enthusiasm!


The relay team was featured in a thoughtful story by NBC5! A few of the team members Taylor, Maddie, Nicole, and Alex share what they love about running and why they are taking on the marathon to promote health and fitness!

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