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Bellcate Bulldogs get their step on!

This fall, Bellcate School's student driven 'Step Club' walked 44.25, or 84,500 steps!

Bellcate School is a Special Education School based in Essex, VT. Working with local school districts, the school enrolls a maximum of 30 students, ages 11-22 [learn more]. The Bulldogs are always coming together to do something great whether it is packing Lily's Gym for sporting events, competing in SOVT events, or selling their own brand of dog treats. Most recently, they came together to start the Step Club, which has created a fantastic opportunity for students to engage with the outdoors, get moving, and connect with their peers!

The Step Clubs achievement was detailed in an article by The Essex Reporter! Read more about the club and what this accomplishment meant to the students!


This fitness initiative is a great example of incorporating wellness into a daily routine! The Step Club used step goals to motivate themselves, and found the enjoyment of their walks to be even more rewarding! Daily exercise is so important for promoting physical and mental wellbeing! #InclusiveHealth

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