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Staying on Par with Golf-Specific Core Stability Exercises

When you think of the word core, maybe a picture of an apple core pops into your head. Possibly even an image of the molten hot core of the earth. Regardless of what the images are, they all probably have a common denominator; they make up the center of a certain object. Similarly, the core of the body is generalized as the central stabilizing group of muscles. These muscles stabilize your body and allow for the transfer of force from one extremity to the other ( That means that as you swing a golf club, your core muscles control the momentum and force produced by your swing. Therefore, having a strong core will not only make your golf swing stronger, but also more controlled and accurate.

A common myth about the body’s core is that it consists only of your “six-pack” abdominal muscles (properly known as rectus abdominal muscles). However, your core is actually comprised of muscles on the front, back, and sides of your body. Without going into great detail, the following is a list of primary muscles that comprise the different parts of your core.


  1. Rectus abdominis


  1. Obliques


  1. Latissimi dorsi (“Lats”)

Many of these muscles stretch the length of your torso and are then stabilized by muscles in your upper legs (i.e. hip flexors, hamstrings, adductors, abductors, etc.), exemplifying the concept that everything in your body is CONNECTED (! Below is a list of great core exercises that are golf specific. By making these a part of your regular workout routine, positive results should follow. Ensuring that all parts of your core are strong is a great step towards improving your golf game!


  1. Plank (hold as long as possible)

  2. Assume a push-up position, except have your elbows and forearms on the ground.

  3. Keep your body in a straight line from your heals to your head

  4. Modification:

  5. EASIER: Instead of stabilizing on your elbows and forearms, move up to your hands

  6. HARDER: Raise one leg off of the ground for a few seconds. Alternate legs

  1. Russian Twist (10 each side)

  2. While sitting on the floor, make your body into a V-shape with bent legs. Your feet should be about a foot off of the floor.

  3. Balancing in this position, touch the floor with your hands on alternating sides.

  4. Modification:

  5. EASIER- Plant feet on the ground, instead of in the air.

  6. HARDER- Hold a weight while twisting

  1. Superman’s (hold for 30 seconds)

  2. Laying flat on your stomach, extend your arms over your head so that you are in a straight line.

  3. Raise your legs and arms as far off of the floor as possible.

  1. “6-inches” (hold for 30 seconds)

  2. Laying flat on your back, raise both legs about 6 inches off of the floor

  3. Modification:

  4. EASIER: place hands underneath butt to provide extra lower-back support

  5. HARDER: move your feet in an alternating up and down motion, imitating a flutter kick


  1. Pull your bellybutton towards your spine!

  2. Squeeze your glutes!


Repeat circuit 2-3 times. Make the appropriate modifications necessary for a successful, yet challenging, workout!

For more information and core examples, see here:

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