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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Kate Bove, an athlete from the Chittenden delegation, has been with Special Olympics for nearly 25 years! We have seen Kate thrive in everything she does, and proudly cheered her on as she took her talents to 2003 World Games in Dublin, 2019 World Games in Abu Dhabi, and 2014 USA Games in New Jersey. Kate's experience is a representation of the impact our programs can have on someone's life. We wanted to shine the spotlight on Kate's unique story.

How long have you been a Special Olympics Athlete?

Kate Bove: I joined the Special Olympics in 1998 when I was ten. In addition to competing on the state level, I have participated in one USA Games and two World Games. The only time between then and now when I was not competing was when I spent two years at a post secondary program in New York State.

What sports do you compete in?

KB: I have competed in many sports over the years but the three I have stuck with are swimming, bocce, and cross country skiing. Of these three, swimming is the sport I have the most experience with, and was the sport I competed in for the meets beyond state level.

What is your favorite thing about Special Olympics?

KB: My favorite thing about Special Olympics is the energy at competitions. No one is pressured to be better than anyone else, and therefore I think everyone has a lot of fun. Another thing I love is the traditional Saturday night dance party at the overnight competitions. It’s the only time we are not separated by sport or region, and people dress up and bust out their moves. Also, the dance is themed, and it amazes me that they never choose the same theme twice.

Besides being an accomplished athlete, what is something unique about you?

KB: A cool fact about me is that I am also a big advocate for my particular disability. I don’t know if you are familiar with William’s Syndrome, but I definitely encourage you to look it up. My buddy Josh [a fellow SOVT athlete] has it too and we have always had a bond that is very strong and undeniable.

What would you tell people to get them involved with Special Olympics Vermont?

KB: I think people should get involved with Special Olympics Vermont because it could truly change their lives! There is so much more to the community than the competitions, and the ways to help out are just as important as being an athlete or coach.

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