Special Olympics Vermont



Behind every Special Olympics Vermont athlete there is a network of family and friends. Families, including caregivers, play an integral role in the success of the overall Special Olympics Vermont organization. Family members make it possible for the athletes to be a part of Special Olympics Vermont by encouraging them in their training efforts and sharing their achievements.

Special Olympics Vermont strives to involve families in activities and to encourage them to share in the joy that comes from such participation.

Many family members become spokespeople or volunteers, coaches, fund-raisers and officials – giving them an important voice in Special Olympics Vermont.

Families are also an essential link to the community and wider support for our movement. By becoming a volunteer or leading the expansion of Young Athletes, Special Olympics Vermont family members can really make a difference.

Families build communities by volunteering at athletic trainings, sharing links and information, talking online via a global network and serving in leadership roles. For every family member who gets involved, Special Olympics Vermont has a reason to celebrate.

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